Yom Chi Taekwondo Academy

Master Windrum is a 20 year veteran of the Canadian Forces (CF) and is now retired. He began training in Taekwondo in 1982 at the YM/WCA under Master Ben Wu in Oakville, ON, a branch school of Grand Master Wai Kin (Ken) Cheung of Brampton, ON. He immediately began to develop a love for the art because of the discipline and precision of the techniques. While moving through the coloured belt ranks, he would compete at club and regional tournaments in sparring, forms, and breaking categories.


In 1985 Master Windrum moved to Winnipeg MB and trained under Grand Master Joo Won Kang. He attained his 1st Dan Kukkiwon black belt in 1986. He continued to compete and enjoyed success in sparring and forms.

In 1987 he was moved to Moose Jaw, SK where he began training at CFB Moose Jaw, a branch school of Grand Master Sung Ju Kim. It was this year that the CF held their first Taekwondo Team trials and participated in the Counsiel Internationel du Sport Militaire (CISM) world competition. Master Windrum was appointed as the alternate in the welter weight division. He would continue to compete and at the CF Nationals and earn a spot on the CF National Taekwondo Team for the next seven years (1987-1993).

In January 1988 he took over the instructional duties at the CFB Moose Jaw Taekwondo club when the incumbent instructor resigned. In 1988, Master Windrum represented Saskatchewan in the welter weight division at the first Canadian National Taekwondo Olympic Team Trials. This was also the year he was promoted to 2nd Dan Kukkiwon black belt.

At the 1990 Canadian National Taekwondo Team Trials and 1992 Canadian National Taekwondo Olympic Team Trials he represented the CF in the welter weight division and place in the top 16 in both years.

Master Windrum was unable to participate in promotion testing for a number of years but attained his 3rd Dan Kukkiwon black belt in 2007, 4th Dan Kukkiwon in 2010 and 5th Dan Kukkiwon in 2014.

Master Windrum has been instructing Taekwondo since 1988. His students have ranged in age from four to 60. He has had the opportunity to train under some of the best Grand Masters in Canada and has received instruction in sparring and forms from nationally recognized and respected Grand Masters. Master Windrum wishes to express his deepest gratitude to all the Grand Masters and Masters he has trained under for sharing their knowledge of the philosophy and technical aspects of Taekwondo with him.

Although he has always competed and continues to compete and has rarely failed to medal, he looks at competition not as trying to be better than his opponent, but as a measure of his own ability and improvement; a test to determine if he has corrected past mistakes and improved his own techniques. You will find that if you score a particularly good point against him, he will smile and tell you right there in the ring "good kick" or "nice job".