Yom Chi Taekwondo Academy

Welcome to the website of Yom Chi Taekwondo Academy a branch school of Grand Master Kim's Taekwondo College. Our Black Belts are certified by the Kukkiwon in Seoul South Korea and instruct World Taekwondo (WT) style Taekwondo.

Translated from Korean, Yom Chi means "Integrity". Yom Chi is also one of the five tenents of Taekwondo. Yom Chi represents the core value under which our organization is established. Previously operated as 15 Wing Taekwondo Academy, our organization has been operating for over 30 years.


Our mission is to provide instruction in Kukkiwon Taekwondo in a manner which encourages the student to enjoy, understand and apply the teachings and principles of Taekwondo throughout their life.

The attitude taken to learning and doing tasks will determine how well and how quickly these tasks are achieved. The dedication of performing tasks, so that they become better with each repetition leads to the desire to learn more. By the attitude and dedication the student achieves mastery and high level of confidence in their abilities.

In order to better prepare our students, we also teach self defense methods which contain techniques which are found in other martial arts. It is our philosophy to make available those necessary tools for self defence rather than restricting the student to one style or martial art.