Yom Chi Taekwondo Academy

Many students who start Taekwondo come with the idea that they will only learn how to fight. They soon realize there are many benefits associated with Taekwondo. In addition to fighting (sparring) students learn self defense, improve cardio vascular and flexibility which develops both body and mind.

Taekwondo is much more that kicking and punching. Taekwondo is an artistic discipline. Techniques are graceful and powerful. In class and during personal practice time, students focus on improving the precision of each technique. Taekwondo training develops posture, grace, self esteem, coordination and attention to detail. Training exercises develop strength, flexibility, endurance, speed, balance, memory, concentration and self control. We believe that all students can benefit from Taekwondo training.

  1. improve balance and flexibility
  2. improve confidence and self-esteem
  3. improve focus and concentration
  4. improve cardiovascular endurance and increase muscle tone
  5. teaches discipline, respect, good manners, good attitude, good habits and self-control
  6. helps to relieve stress
  7. develops confidence
  8. develops self defense ability
  9. family friendly atmosphere and a way to spend quality family time together