Yom Chi Taekwondo Academy

Training in Taekwondo involves learning and executing various kicking and punching techniques. These are taught independently and in combination with each other. Used in free sparring and in predetermined order (poomsae) they train the student to be able to utilize the techniques in self defense situation. Each rank (belt level) has specific requirements that must be performed to a recognized standard before advancing to the next rank. Advancing in rank is done through a formal evaluation referred to as a Promotion Test.  Promotion Testing is conducted in front of the Master Instructor or a panel of Black Belts which includes the Master Instructor.

Although Taekwondo training also includes learning the purpose of each technique, it also includes learning the history and philosophy of Taekwondo (Tenents).

Taekwondo will also develop ones mind. Increasing concentration, self discipline, memory, respect for others, and self-esteem.

Learning Taekwondo techniques is accomplished through the repetition and correction of techniques taught to students. Proper execution of technique during training and practice is the path to training the body and mind to enable perfecting each technique. There is a great deal of repetition during training. This repetition develops muscle memory so that techniques become automatic so proper execution of technique is stressed. When techniques become automatic they become valuable in a self defense situation.


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